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For the first time in the City of Oakland’s planning history, the Planning & Building Department funded community engagement focused on reaching low-income communities of color that government planning processes have historically marginalized. The Deeply Rooted in Oakland Partnership (Deeply Rooted Collaborative) was selected to lead community engagement efforts to ensure that residents experiencing socio-economic, environmental, and racial disparities participate in planning for Oakland’s future.


The City of Oakland is updating the Oakland General Plan 2045 over the next few years. The Oakland General Plan 2045 will outline a vision and set of policies to guide Oakland’s approach to housing, environmental justice, transportation, parks, climate protections, and economic development for the next 20 to 30 years. 


Since November 2021, the Deeply Rooted Collaborative has participated in over 50 pop-ups and cultural events to share information and engage Oakland residents where they live, work, and play. The Deeply Rooted Collaborative prioritizes community feedback and perspective on topics such as Oakland’s housing and environmental justice crises to inform the Oakland General Plan 2045.


Thirteen nonprofits and community organizations are partners of the Deeply Rooted Collaborative. Deeply Rooted Collaborative partners organize pop-up, large outdoor, and virtual events to share resources and conduct community engagement about the Oakland General Plan 2045. All Oakland residents are welcome at these gatherings.

Read the poem "deep roots" by
ayodole nzinga,
Oakland's Poet Laureate

‘deep roots’ is a poem illustrating the connection within Oakland and the power of centering community and being deeply rooted. Deeply Rooted Collaborative partners have served Oakland for decades and are working to ensure that the Oakland General Plan 2045 integrates the deep roots of Oakland residents. ayodele nzinga is Oakland’s Poet Laureate and a part of the Black Arts Movement Business District, CDC, a Deeply Rooted Collaborative partner.


See Deeply Rooted Engagement in East Oakland In "We Build Cities"

EastSide Arts Alliance & Cultural Center, a Deeply Rooted Collaborative partner, and The House of Malico created this short video. The video highlights East Oakland's Black community's history and present, and reminds us that Oakland residents are Oakland. Residents built and continue to build the city. Oakland residents were interviewed at Deeply Rooted Collaborative engagement events at Akoma Market and the Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival.


You can help shape Oakland’s future! 

Engagement at existing community and cultural events is integral to Deeply Rooted Collaborative’s approach. Join Deeply Rooted Collaborative community events to share your feedback and hear about the community solutions integrated into the Oakland General Plan 2045’s We would love to see you at the next event!

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